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Youthline offers a wide range of programmes that you can get involved in!

These can be offered through our centres, within schools and other community settings. We work with young people to build leadership, communication and specific skills to help navigate life. They are also a great way to meet like minded young people and have fun.

To find out more about any of the below programmes, email us at or give us a call on (09) 361 4168.


Standing Tall and Unity Programmes

Our two programmes Standing Tall (for young women aged 13-17 years) and Unity (for young men aged 13 - 17 years) work with groups of young people to develop life skills, build self-worth, tackle specific topics such as stress and anger management and work on communication tools.


DRUMBEAT: Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts

Drumbeat uses drumming, rhythm and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and is an evidence based programmed (designed by the Holyoake Institute in Australia) for young peopel who are at risk of being dicsonnected from their communities.

Formal evaluations have consistently shown beneficial effects. These include increased classroom coopeartion, improved teacher student relationships, emotional control and self esteem.



Engage Group is an education and support programme that is both run and designed by qualified people who have lived experiences of overcoming problematic anxiety. Engage is designed for people over 18 who believe their lives are negatively affected by anxiety.

Sessions will run for two hours, once a week, for ten weeks at Youthline in Ponsonby.


Alternative Education School

Alternative Education (AE) is for young people aged 13 - 15 who have been excluded from mainstream school. Youthline’s AE supports young people’s academic and social development so they can return to a mainstream environment or transition successfully to other training.  Numeracy, literacy and personal development are key components. Students spend anything from one term to two years in the programme and can complete unit standards or NCEA credits.

Based in Ponsonby our school is staffed by teachers and trained youth workers working from a wrap-around model - meaning students can access the full range of Youthline services and be part of the wider Youthline whanau. Family involvement is welcomed and encouraged.

Student support services and activities include

  • Transitioning youth to school, training or work
  • Mentoring
  • Face to Face Counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Work experience
  • Art Therapy
  • Youth Helpline
  • Physical Education
  • Youth Development Programmes
  • Events and celebrations of student success
  • Camp
  • Regular health checks

Alternative Education has high rates of successful transition. 36% of students enter training; 26% return to school  and 15% enter another programme. 


All referrals are managed through the Auckland City Truant and Alternative Education Services in partnership with the referring school. Contact the consortium on 09 6205520 to discuss referrals.